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"Monsieur G" - SOLD

My custom Gumpy for the Gumpy Show at Gunnzo.

Blank Gumpys:

(Photo grabbed from Google search.)

Info about the show:

Food by Tabe BBQ
Music by D.J Joemama
Free limited edition print by Skinner for first 20 guests!!

Gumpy figures customized by the following artists (in addition to 50 Gomis):
*Frank Kozik *Task One *Beast Brothers *Andrew Bell *Skinner *Paul Kaiju *J*Ryu *Sketchbot *Nebulon 5 *J.E.C *Marka27 *Shane Jessup *NST *Ryan the Wheelbarrow *Saner *SisterRez *Pon *2bithack *Ritzy Periwinkle *BabyVtec *Dodgrr *Gatchabert *Spanky Stokes *J222 *Rhoby *Scribe *Gary Ham *Gumpy *DrilOne *Plastic Booty *Leecifer *Uncle *Teodoru...And MORE!

Check out Kollectible Kulture for show pieces.

"This is Me" - SOLD

Custom mini munny (bub) for the Stop It! show at Munky King.

Original toy used:

Info about the show:

Cooper Berella (aka SuperCooper), a 12 year old artist, art collector, and supportive member of the art community, is curating his second art show at Munky King Gallery in Los Angeles. "Stop It!" opens on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 6pm-10pm.

The theme of the show is meant to draw awareness to bullying and cyberbullying. Cooper has confirmed over 70 artists from around the world to participate in the show. Paintings, drawings, custom toys, and prints expressing the artists' view of bullying will be on display. Part of the proceeds from the show will be donated to GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating a Dialog for Equality) and CHIME Institute (an organization dedicated to inclusive education where kids of all abilities learn together).

Artwork will be displayed at Munky King Gallery in Los Angeles.
 7308 Melrose Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

"Feed Me!"

This piece is titled, "Feed Me!" and is currently on its way to the Art Whino Gallery in Maryland.

Don't leave this one hungry, or it'll go after you. Nom.

More photos: Flickr.

Original toy used:

Here's more information about G40: 4 Week Multiexperimental Event. Exhibit runs May 19, 2011 through June 17, 2011.

Cast in Plastic

The Hidden Parlour sybmiote custom (seen in the previous post) is on its way to Houston, Texas, for the Cast in Plastic show at Domy Books. Houston Press will be covering this event so make sure to stop by if you're near.

To keep The Hidden Parlour company, this custom Pocket Killer will make its debut at the show.

For more photos, visit my Flickr set.

Cast In Plastic: Art from the Designer Toy Revolution will be the very first Custom Toy Show in Houston, Texas. The show will encompass 30+ different artists from around the globe. Each artists will display their work on a variety of vinyl platforms. They have been hand selected because of diverse concepts, background and skills. The introduction of this scene will allow viewers of different age, groups and demographics to participate in this movement; whether it would be from buying, selling, collecting, creating customs or educating others about it. Houston has a very large art community and the Custom Toy scene would be a great a…

"The Hidden Parlour"

When all is dark, the blue light of tranquility welcomes lost souls to the hidden parlour of serenity and peace.

This is my custom Sybmiote for "For the Love of Vinyl" custom show at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA. The show opens this Saturday, March, 12th and runs through April 2nd.

Here's the original figure -

Here are some photos of my finished Symbiote -

* Light switch is located inside the head next to the LED bulb for easy access.
* Batteries can be replaced by pulling on a green tab at the bottom of the foot.
* Head can be rotated between three different frames for display.

For more photos, visit my Flickr set.