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Showing posts from July, 2010

Skull Apple - SOLD

Don't forget to pick up a Skull Apple from Dragatomi . My Partner-In-Crime, J*RYU and I did a run and debuted them at SDCC '10. These apples were inspired from J*RYU's "Le Jardin De Meddy" custom Celsius. Under my PIKA's guidance, I was able to sculpt and paint these little devilish fruits. If you bought one, we'd love to see photos of it in your collection!

Deep C the Celsius - SOLD

ROAR! I am a bit behind but finally finished my custom Celsius for the Ganmetall show at Toy Art Gallery (TAG) this Saturday. For details of the show, check out . For more pictures of Deep C, go to my flickr . I hope to see some of you there this Saturday!