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"Monsieur G" - SOLD

My custom Gumpy for the Gumpy Show at Gunnzo.

Blank Gumpys:

(Photo grabbed from Google search.)

Info about the show:

Food by Tabe BBQ
Music by D.J Joemama
Free limited edition print by Skinner for first 20 guests!!

Gumpy figures customized by the following artists (in addition to 50 Gomis):
*Frank Kozik *Task One *Beast Brothers *Andrew Bell *Skinner *Paul Kaiju *J*Ryu *Sketchbot *Nebulon 5 *J.E.C *Marka27 *Shane Jessup *NST *Ryan the Wheelbarrow *Saner *SisterRez *Pon *2bithack *Ritzy Periwinkle *BabyVtec *Dodgrr *Gatchabert *Spanky Stokes *J222 *Rhoby *Scribe *Gary Ham *Gumpy *DrilOne *Plastic Booty *Leecifer *Uncle *Teodoru...And MORE!

Check out Kollectible Kulture for show pieces.


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